Perfecta International proudly supplies customers across a broad spectrum in Kuwait’s food and beverage industry. Adapting to market trends, we are able to meet the needs of the most prestigious hotels, airlines, catering companies, hospitals, hypermarkets, bakeries and more. Through our expertise, extensive product range and high standards we are able to ensure lasting partnerships with our customers. 



The culinary experience is one of the major components that can contribute to customer satisfaction within the hospitality industry. We help hotels expand their dishes with our quality products in order to meet their customers’ demands.



Working with trusted global brands, Perfecta International provides a wide variety of products to meet the various needs of catering companies.




In the healthcare industry, food quality and safety are paramount. Through our range of high-end products and our dedication to offer quality service, we are able to support the industry's standards.



With enormous daily production of food items and high turnover rates, airlines need to work with reliable suppliers that can ensure quality ingredients, supply availability and on-time delivery. We are committed to fulfilling the requirements of these industries.



Artisanal, retail & out-of-home Bakeries

Perfecta International continually offers new products to enhance your business. From innovative ingredients to fully finished frozen baked goods, our product line comes with formulas and techniques which allow bakeries to diversify their menu and stand out.


Supermarket Bakeries

We understand the unique challenges in-store bakeries face and offer product solutions. Our goods include time-saving options from ready mixes to decorations.



Industrial Bakeries

We are able to provide price competitiveness and guarantee exceptional customer service through our deep-rooted partnerships with reputable brands. Their expertise in high quality bread mixes, cake, pastry and confectionary decorating products along with our know-how and dedicated services, allow us to ensure your success.